Lexus: An Encounter with Anticipation, by Formafantasma


Consultancy Formafantasma has created a series of installations for car brand Lexus’ design space at Milan Design Week.

The installations were designed to fall in line with the Lexus Design Award 2016, which was focused around the theme of Anticipation.

Lexus: An Encounter with Anticipation, includes 16 stools that are finished to replicate a Lexus flagship car; a moving installation of thousands of strings, individually painted to create the image of a car; and a series of moving, circular metal exhibits powered by a hydrogen-fuelled engine.

Formafantasma also created the interiors of the exhibition space for Lexus.

Simone Farresin, co-founder at Formafantasma, says the consultancy aimed to challenge the “clichéd, masculine feelings attached to cars”, by incorporating softer colour palettes, and materials such as textiles and natural wood among more traditionally used blues, metals and plastics.

Hydrogen_IMG_4988Garden_IMG_5396AREA 1_Lexus Design Award 2016