London Lager & London Pale Ale, by Black Arts

Meantime - new labels - 17th May 2016 © Mikael Buck 07828 201 042 /

Meantime Brewing Company has unveiled new branding for two of its flagship beers, London Lager and London Pale Ale.

The new design was produced in collaboration with Black Arts, and includes the brewery’s distinctive clock motif on the label.

This motif aims to reflect Meantime’s commitment to time – both in terms of their roots in the heart of Greenwich, the home of Greenwich Mean Time, and the product’s brewing process, which takes up to six weeks.

Meantime has refreshed the label’s colour scheme, opting for vibrant shades of white, green and yellow. The idea was to “provide better standout” for consumers to find the product on supermarket shelves.

Key style cues from the new branding have also been incorporated into Meantime’s The Pilot Series – a collection of limited-edition beers, including Rye-PA, Sunset and CRTL-ALT.

These labels feature a white clock motif against a bold, black background with gold typography.

The brewery is also planning to unveil new branding for another signature product, Yakima Red.

Meantime - new labels - 17th May 2016 © Mikael Buck 07828 201 042 /