London’s Burning, by Artichoke

Dominoes, Mulhouse, Station House Opera. Produced by Arts Admin. Photograph by Elsa Levecot

London’s Burning is a festival of arts and ideas created by Artichoke – the team behind Lumiere London – to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

Several installations will play with the concept of public space, and have been designed to adapt to changing surroundings.

For example, Dominoes is a kinetic sculpture made out of 26,000 breeze blocks, which will see a 7km domino effect trace the path of the Great Fire.

London’s Burning will run from 30 August to 4 September 2016. Read more about the festival here.

Dominoes, Melbourne, Station House Opera. Produced by Arts Admin. Photograph by Sarah Walker
SPIRIT, Compagnie Carabosse, LUMIERE 2011, produced by Artichoke in Durham. Photo Matthew Andrews Fire alchemists Compagnie Carabosse recall Durham’s medieval and industrial past with their haunting and magical fire installation inside and around Durham Cathedral.
Photo Matthew Andrews

Of All The People In All The World, Stan's Cafe
London 1666, Work In Progress, designed by David Best in collaboration with Artichoke. Photograph by Oliver Rudkin
Holoscenes, Early Morning Opera, Miami. Photograph by Lars Jan
Holoscenes, Early Morning Opera, 'Sarasota'. Photograph by Lars Jan