Luxury Time game, by The Beautiful Meme


The Beautiful Meme has created the Luxury Time web game for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s What is Luxury? exhibition.

The V&A says the game “references the time, skill and expertise required to craft a luxury object”.

The game requires the player to act as a craftsman by completing a series of tasks over three levels of increasing difficulty. Each level takes a longer time than the previous to complete and focuses on an object included in What is Luxury?

The first level involves inlaying diamonds, emeralds and rubies onto an 18th century crown; the second assembling plywood sheets to create a positive mould for Joris Laarman’s Bone Chaise; the third engraving 641 individual spherical shapes into delicate glass which could shatter with the slightest wrong movement.

The Luxury Time game was developed with Guerilla Tea Games.

The Beautiful Meme has also created the Definery game for the V&A exhibition, which the museum says “is a playful digital tool which helps determine whether an object is luxury or vulgar”.