Marcus Wareing Restaurants, by BuroCreative


Marcus Wareing Restaurants has been rebranded by BuroCreative, which has looked to align all of Wareing’s restaurants as one family.

BuroCreative creative director Roly Grant says: “We felt confident in two principles: firstly, when a restaurant becomes a group, it needs an identity – something to tell the story when the famous chef can’t be in every kitchen.

“Secondly, let’s address the complacencies of how fine dining is presented and perceived: starched tablecloths and conspicuous waiters. Food, even at a high level, has moved on. We needed to create an identity which dispensed with preconceptions, in favour of the personality, craftsmanship and love under this group’s skin.”

BuroCreative says it has introduced “classic and contemporary typefaces” to give a timeless feel with greater connection across the group. Meanwhile different types of photography have been art directed to express different restaurant experiences.