Memory Movement Memory Objects, by Alice Anderson

ALICE ANDERSONíS TRAVELLING STUDIO, STAIRS,  7 m x 80 cm x 4 m, copper wire, 2014, courtesy the artistThe Wellcome Collection will host an exhibition by Alice Anderson which sees the artist mummify objects in copper thread to create beautiful but by-and-large unusable objects. Wellcome Collection curator Kate Ford says: “Anderson shows that even those objects that ‘speak’ to us because of their familiarity are fundamentally altered by our experience of time. Anderson’s invitation to create a social sculpture will enable visitors to discover both the unstable nature of memory and its profoundly creative potential.” However you might just take the pieces at face value, as beautiful beguiling objects.

Memory Movement Memory Objects runs from 22 July–18 October at the Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE.

TURNTABLE, 15 cm x 28 cm, copper wire, 2012, Photo ∏ Matt HolyoakLADDERS, 3 m x 30 cm,  copper wire, 2014, Photo ∏ Matt HolyoakTELEPHONE 10 cm x 25 cm, copper Wire, 2013, courtesy the artistSKELETONS, APPLE MAC PLUGS, 1 m x 70 cm, copper wire, 2013, Photo ∏ Matt HolyoakSHELVES, 1 m x 15 cm, copper wire, 2013, Photo ∏ Matt HolyoakALICE ANDERSONíS TRAVELLING STUDIO, ROPES, 250 m of paper ropes, copper wire, 2013ñ15 (ongoing), Photo © Matt Holyoak