Motorola startup animation, by Peter Crawley

moto-test 6MB

Peter Crawley has created a startup animation for Motorola – to appear on the phone display when users turn their phone on.

Crawley works in “stitched illustrations”, in which he hand-pierces paper with a pin, and then stitches it with a needle and cotton thread.

For the Motorola piece, he says: “I knew from the start that I wanted the finished piece to have a real tactile feel to it – for the customer to be able to see the texture and natural qualities of the paper and thread.

“We played a lot with the existing Motorola colour palettes, but felt that the blues and yellow used would not only work best with the screens but also really highlight the textures of the natural materials.

“The paper stock is sourced from a traditional English paper mill and is usually used for watercolour paintings, but it had such a great texture that is acts as a rich canvas for my work, too.”


Creative Director: Chris Clare, Motorola

Director: Lewis Kyle White

Director of Photography: Phil Sills

Producer / BTS photography: Juliette S Dalton

Animator: Cadi Catlow

Studio Assistant: Ian Stuart

Runner: Lou Marcellin