Mister Cooper Ice Cream, by Johnson Banks


Johnson Banks has designed the identity for an Ice Cream start up specialising in alcoholic and gourmet flavours which is pitched at adults. The identity is a typographic lipstick mark, which can be rubber stamped directly onto paper cups and napkins to look like a big smacker.

It uses positive and negative space and was first hand drawn before being scanned to create vector graphics that have been tweaked to hone spacing and legibility creating a logo which Johnson Banks says is “unified and voluptuous”.

It can be accompanied by copy such as “never vanilla”, “ice-cream for grown-ups” and “ice-cream but naughtier”. Johnson Banks says it took this route to reflect the decedent nature of the product.

Fold long sleeves shirt. studio shotjb_mr_c_stamp_555jb_mr_c_statoinery_555Paper Cup With Soft Ice Cream. 3d render