Nākd edible billboard, by YOLK

© Doug Peters/PA Wire
© Doug Peters/PA Wire

Wholefood brand Nākd has installed an edible poster advert in London this week.

Based within Shepherd’s Bush Westfield shopping centre, the poster was designed by consultancy YOLK, in collaboration with psLIVE.

It showcases the brand’s range of snacks in the shape of the words “Find Your Fave”, and asks viewers to sample them for free by taking them off the edible board.

It is part of a wider campaign organised by Nākd’s parent group Natural Balance Foods, including poster advertising on the London Underground and within London magazines, and a social media campaign based around #FindYourFave.

The billboard is 5m wide and 2m tall, and will be re-stocked at the end of every day until the campaign is over.

The campaign will run until 21 September.

All photos © Doug Peters/PA Wire