New Year beer 0101 design, by Havas helia


A beer has been created by analysing data that aims to make it “taste” of certain emotions.

Havas helia led the project creatively, and analysed New Year messages on social media, then matched them with emotional states. The ten most talked-about emotions were love, joy, harmony, cheerfulness, optimism, resolution and excitement, says Havas.

The agency then worked with IBM, which analysed 2,800 beer recipes alongside a tool called Watson Personality Insights, which analyses languages to produce a personality profile.

Havas then matched different beers to different human characteristics.

The top ten beers that matched the most shared New Year emotions were chosen, and their ingredients combined to make the New Year beer 0101.

It contains honey, which alludes to love and cheerfulness, Nelson Sauvin hop, which alludes to optimism, imagination and resolution, and Hallertauer hop, which denotes excitement and emotion.