Pret’s Evenings on the Strand, by YourStudio


YourStudio has created the Evenings on the Strand concept for Pret A Manger – an evening dining session that aims to capture the pre-theatre audience at the brand’s store on London’s Strand.

The consultancy says it needed to adapt its store an operation strategy, adding: “We needed to create a flexible space that catered for three distinct trades (breakfast, lunch and dinner) so we devised an environment that is able to seamlessly adapt and change pace for these different settings.

YourStudio adds: “We re-imagined the Pret brand experience using a complimentary palette of materials that spoke about dining and adapted with multi-functional furniture from day to night. Another key device of the project’s success was designing an advanced lighting system that moves from bright and peppy during the day to more sophisticated and intimate in the evenings.”