Pure Ride branding and interiors, by Caulder Moore


Caulder Moore has designed the interiors and branding for a new cycle exercise studio owned by gym chain Pure Gym.

Pure Ride aims to be a “premium” spin studio, says Caulder Moore, which opens up the “affordable” fitness chain to a new market.

There are two studios in the space, for workout routines and training. The interiors are composed of materials such as wood and stone. There are also digitalised lockers.

Ian Caulder, executive creative director at Caulder Moore, says: “Our design takes elements of the brand identity and incorporates them into Pure Ride to create energy and pace for the new concept.”

The circular visual identity aims to demonstrate the “energy and motion of spinning”, alongside a colour palette of “energetic reds”, pink and grey. Clocks and circular images have been used throughout the interior space to “reinforce the identity”, says the consultancy.

The branding has been extended to touchpoints such as gym clothing, water bottles and bags.

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