Red Trees, by Marina Willer and César Charlone


Pentagram partner Marina Willer and director César Charlone are working on film Red Trees – which tells the story of Willer family and how they became one of just 12 families to survive the Nazi occupation of Prague.

Red Trees will be told through the memories of Willer’s father Alfred, who moved to Brazil in 1949 and became an architect, best known for his work in the city of Curitaba.

Willer and Charlone have launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish production of the film, which is aiming for release in spring 2016.

Willer says: “We felt that Red Trees belonged on a crowdfunding platform. Although its details are deeply personal, it addresses the universal problem of displacement, which has taken on a new relevance with the refugee crisis in Europe.

“It celebrates richness of diversity, the beauty of colour and the hope that multiculturalism creates. We wanted to open the doors to everyone to be a part of the film and its journey, no matter how much or how little they could give.”

The film can be seen on the Red Trees Kickstarter page.