Redesigning plastics project, by various

Eco Toothbrush, by Michelle Chin

A group of Central Saint Martins (CSM) students have reimagined the future of plastics for their graduate design projects.

Briefed by Studio Into and recycling charity the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the students were asked to explore potential new materials, products, services and education programmes related to the future of plastics.

Featured projects include coffee cups made from bamboo fibres and water-based vegetable packaging.

All of the students’ work was displayed at the Central Saint Martins graduate show in London earlier this month.

Rethinking Feminine Hygiene Products, by Kaye Toland
Refillable Cosmetic Bottles, by Aminatta Mbaye
Water Based Vegetable Packaging, by Merle Dingeldey
Redesigning Hospital Packaging, by Brian Wong
Joy Jelly Soy For Sushi, by Nicolas Trupin
Recycled Plastic Cutlery, by Laurene Pilastre
Waste Picker Drone, by Camilla Chappuis Hanson
Turing Microfibers Lost During Washing, by Jaz Tsui Affleck
Soap Dispenser, by Yoo Chan Chon
Redesigning Festival Cup, by Joey Howe
Desalination of Water, by Rosie Sharp
Redesigned Milk Pouch, by Melvin Stol
Coffee Cups with Bamboo Filters, by Katherine Paton King
Water Bar by Kusama Arunandonchai