RSA membership card, by Together Design and Adam Simpson

Together Design has worked with illustrator Adam Simpson to redesign the Royal Society of the Arts’ (RSA) membership card.

The Fellowship card indicates that a person or organisation is a member of the RSA. Together Design says they aimed to create something that was “thought-provoking” and “full of imagination”, which RSA Fellows would be “proud” to carry.

The back of the card features an intricate illustration depicting a man’s head opening up to ideas, symbolised by tiny people performing various tasks. It is mostly monochrome, infused with multi-coloured people figures.

The front of the card is green, and features two of these figures in the bottom-right corner, along with a sans-serif typeface for the card’s copy.

The RSA’s full title is the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and is a charity which looks to change communities through creativity.