Sackville’s branding and interiors, by B3 Designers


B3 Designers has designed the visual identity and interiors of new London restaurant Sackville’s, based in Mayfair.

The restaurant markets itself as a “tailored meats and spirits” dinery, with the key ingredient being the truffle.

This is conveyed in the brand identity, with the “black tones of the truffle depicted in the calligraphy” on the off-white paper menus, says B3 Designers.

The consultancy says its has drawn inspiration for the interior design from “tailoring in the 1960s”.

The restaurant is spread over two floors, with a “sleek, sophisticated style with stripped-back walls” and dining chairs in brown leather on the ground floor, and a “utilitarian” feel on the basement floor, says B3 Designers.

The consultancy has aimed for a “mysterious, speakeasy” style, incorporating wood-counter bars, mirrored walls, brass and glass cabinets, and a woodwork and sandstone exterior on the front of the restaurant.

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