SearchStar rebrand, by Supple Studio


Supple Studio has branded pay-per-click and digital media agency SearchStar by creating a compass icon which is composed of mouse arrows.

The arrows appear as a theme across the brand and are used in isolation to punctuate sentences and also come together to form different words and images.

Copywriter Jim Davies has worked on brand strategy and tone of voice and Supple Studio worked alongside digital agency Mud to make the brand work online.

‘The compass of clicks idea Supple created instantly resonated with us in terms of how it could come to life onscreen, through animation and movement’ says Mud creative director Matt Powell. 

Elull says the brand has been brought into the real world by photographing laser-cut clear perspex arrows “which give a sense of transparency and show that PPC is something tangible, not just virtual.” (3) (5) (4) (6) (7)