Sweetdram liquer workshop, by SODA


Sweetdram is a UK distillery, which until now had been developing its recipes at a distillery in France.

This new distillery has been designed by SODA and occupies a former print works in East London.

Sweetdram’s signature drink is Escubac and its bottle’s label can be found in the broken down geometrical shapes of the door and cupboard handles, which are also a reference to the distillation process that involves separating component substances.

All of the materials are made of lightweight materials such as cork and can be easily dismantled and assembled.

To make the most out of the relatively small space, all interior elements can be tucked away or folded out to create more space.

Compressed Sweetdram Workshop by SODA ©Ruth Ward9
Compressed_Sweetdram Workshop by SODA ©Ruth Ward12