Tate Edit x Momosan Shop, by Tate Modern and Momoko Mizutani

Tate Edit shop, photography by Tate.

The Tate Modern’s newest art and design shop Tate Edit will be showcasing a selection of fresh products from 28 April, when Momoko Mizutani takes over as guest curator.

Product and furniture designer Jasper Morrison has curated the shop since it opened in November 2016, and will now hand the reins to Mizutani.

Featured objects will include limited edition prints and hand-crafted home products. The contents will take inspiration from Mizutani’s Momosan Shop in London’s Hackney, which specialises in hand-made pottery.

Tate Edit is based at Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG.

Miniature pots by Yuta Segawa. Photography by Joanna Henderson.
Brass bottle openers and solid brass trivets by Masanori Oji for Futagami. Photography by Joanna Henderson.
Crockery vase by Max Lamb for 1882 Ltd. Photography by Joanna Henderson.
Glass jug with handle and glass tumblers by Jochen Holz. Photography by Joanna Henderson.