The Cat’s Pyjamas branding, by Bloom Agency

Cat's Pyjamas1

Bloom Agency has designed the branding and interiors for a new Indian street food restaurant based in Yorkshire.

The Cat’s Pyjamas was founded by chef Alfred Prasad and entrepreneur Alison White.

The interiors and branding use a mix of “traditional Indian themes with graffiti style designs” to represent a combination of “old and new” in the food, says the consultancy.

Joe Mason, creative director at Bloom Agency, says: “We applied a visual style which was bold, bright and vibrant using street graphics and texture mixed with unique typographic style and specially-created images.”

Co-founder Prasad says the name of the restaurant was chosen in reference to the Bengal tiger, and also to show the influence of India on the English language as the word “pyjamas” has Indian origin.

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