The Humble Pixel prints, by Chris Smyth


Consultancy Made By Smyth has released five limited edition screen-prints which aim to celebrate print design.

Designed by creative director Chris Smyth, the prints are the result of KickStarter project The Humble Pixel.

Smyth says: “In a day and age where almost everything is digital, fighting for the birth place of the pixel – print – is a battle which is getting harder and harder.

“Nothing will ever beat the feel, smell and beauty of fresh inks on a page,” he adds. “So we have created our own beautifully simple series of A2 posters to celebrate the journey we all go on as a project begins and develops.”

The five posters each have a run of 50 prints. More information can be found on the KickStarter page, where backers will receive a free limited edition print. They will then be available to buy through the consultancy’s website, priced at £30 for one and £100 for all five.