The Washington Post magazine “Favorites” issue cover, by Snask


Snask has created the front cover for a special edition of The Washington Post magazine, crafting the design entirely by hand.

The “Favorites” issue polled readers’ opinions to compile a list of favourite past-times, based on categories such as Eating, Drinking, and Music and Arts.

The consultancy handcrafted the word “Favorite” for the front cover, using different materials to turn the letters into imagery that would “capture the essence of every category”, says creative director Fredrik Öst.

“It was about creating fun, unique and physical icons that would reflect the characteristics of each topic,” he says. “The Post wanted us to make a cover that would blow the minds of their readers – so we got to work!”

Materials used to construct the letters include plywood, concrete, clay, neon light, paper, glass, paint and more.

The consultancy tried to use materials that corresponded with the category they were depicting – for example, using a “clean, stylish Art Deco typeface made from glass to create the essence of a fancy cocktail for the ‘Drinking’ category”, says Öst.

He adds: “We wanted to create as striking a cover as possible. Something visually appealing, bold – and all handmade.”