Unmasking a Killer, by Seiden and Noma Bar


New York agency Seiden has worked with Noma Bar to create a TV ad for the New York Presbyterian Hospital, which aired ahead of Superbowl 50.

The piece is the first in a series of films meant to increase understanding of new therapies at the frontiers of medicine. Called “Unmasking a Killer”, it explains the science behind immunotherapy.

Steven Feibnerg, executive creative director of Seiden, says: “The subject matter is difficult to visualise in a literal way. We wanted to tell a story, not dispense facts. We needed to use analogies and metaphors to get people to understand highly technical, abstract concepts…so animation was a natural choice.

“The key was to find a style that was entertaining but not cartoonish—witty as opposed to slapstick. Noma Bar was an excellent fit for that.”