Urbanimals, by Laboratory of Architectural Experiments


An art installation of animated animals has been unveiled across Bristol.

Urbanimals, designed by Polish architect LAX (Laboratory of Architectural Experiments), was the winner of the 2015 Playable City Award.

Animals include a dolphin, rabbit, kangaroo and a beetle. They are scattered around the city in “unexpected places” across eight locations within Bristol, and have been designed to engage with passers-by.

Projectors and sensors have been installed so that when people pass by or stop in front of the animals between sunset and midnight, the animals will “wake up”.

Urbanimals was selected from 197 applications received from 60 countries worldwide.

Richard Roberts, member of the judging panel and design manager at Jason Bruges Studio, says: “The flexibility of Urbanimals allows it to be deployed in areas of the city that would benefit from something startling, fresh and new.

“This proposal allows many levels of interaction from brief encounters by passive observers to active engagement over longer timeframes, and is open to be enjoyed by everyone.”

The installation will run until 19 November.