Varasto branding, by Bluemarlin

Consultancy Bluemarlin has relaunched Finnish beer brand Varasto more than 100 years after it was first founded.

Produced by one of Finland’s biggest breweries Sinebrychoff, Varasto was taken off the market 50 years ago.

For the relaunch of the beer, Bluemarlin took inspiration from the history of the Finnish city of Kerava and Varasto’s original label design.

Bluemarlin New York creative director Katie Eaton, says: “As the label was created over 100 years ago, the design and lettering was all done by hand so there are slight imperfections as well as a certain amount of ageing. However, this just adds to its charm and we didn’t want to lose that.”

The new packaging design retains those imperfections as well as introducing an ink bleed.

The new branding and packaging has now rolled out.