Vinyl wallcoverings, by Tektura


Dried flowers in a vase
Interiors distributor Tektura Wallcoverings has created 19 new wallpaper designs, aimed for use by hotels and high-end interiors.

The prints are made from fabric-based vinyl, and include patterns that create the effect of quartz, silk and cork.

The Rare Finds collection is made from gold, copper and silver leaf, silk threads, resin and glass beads.

The new coverings will launch at this year’s Decorex, a “luxury” design exhibition that is part of the London Design Festival. The fabric backed vinyl prints are priced at £9.50 per square metre, while the Rare Finds collection prints are £95 per square metre.

Tektura Final Infinity Trellis
Tektura Shibori Context
Tektura Quartz Block Context
Tektura Weaving Loom Context
Tektura Samidare Context