Winners of Wellcome Image Awards

The Winners of the Wellcome Image Awards, which celebrate the best images in science have been announced.

Here are a selection of them:

B0010280 Healthy human brain from a young adult, t
Healthy human brain from a young adult. Photo by Alfred Anwander

A map of pathways inside a person’s brain. Different parts of the brain talk to each other using different pathways and these have been coloured in here. This is a view from behind. It shows the links between the left and right sides of brain in red, the links between front and back in green, and the links between the brain and the rest of the body in blue. This brain is about 16.5 cm wide.

N0037701 Choroidal space, human eye.
Choroidal space, human eye. Peter Maloca

A 3D picture inside the back of a human eye. Tunnels like these carry blood to the eye to help it work properly. Pictures like this are used by doctors to help them spot early signs of disease in the eye. These tiny tunnels are about 100 micrometres (0.1 mm) tall.

B0010424 Madagascan sunset moth (Chrysiridia rhiph
Madagascan sunset moth. Photo by Macroscopic Solutions

Close-up of scales on a Madagascan sunset moth. This large moth sparkles with colour in the light and is often mistaken for a butterfly. But the colour is an illusion. It comes from light bouncing off these curved scales, and the wings themselves have very little colour. This detail here is 750 micrometres (0.75 mm) wide.

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