With And For Girls branding, by Cog


Working collaboratively with panels of girls across the globe, Cog has created the branding for $1m awards scheme, With And For Girls.

The With and For Girls collective is a group of eight organisations – EMpower, Mama Cash, Nike Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Plan UK, Stars Foundation, The Global Fund for Children and The Malala Fund – with a track record of supporting civil society organisations working to improve the lives of girls and their communities.

On 16th November 2015, With And For Girls announced the winners of awards which provided $1m to strong, grassroots, girl-led and girl-focused organisations across the world.

Cog says: “The branding utilises the equals symbol (=) as the core idea. Using this mathematical language we were able to produce a mix of communications which is powerful and immediate (across all cultural and language barriers) whilst avoiding cliches and stereotypes.”