The Wing identity, by Pentagram

Pentagram partner Emily Oberman and an all-female team of designers have designed the visual identity for The Wing, a new women’s social club in New York. The team was briefed to create an identity that would appeal to the “diversity of women” without being patronising or “stereotypical”, says Oberman. The logo takes the form of […]

Butterfly Twists rebrand, by JKR

Consultancy JKR has rebranded footwear brand Butterfly Twists, giving it a new, angular butterfly logo. JKR says it has given the brand a “more minimal, graphic icon” with four “twistable variations”, and the logotype has been updated to a “modern, geometric style”. Alongside the rebrand comes a new packaging design and a new colour palette […]

The Magazine of the Artist’s Institute issue two, by John Morgan Studio

John Morgan Studio has completed the print design for The Magazine of the Artist’s Institute in New York’s second edition. The issue is named Carolee’s, and is dedicated to American visual artist Carolee Schneemann. It features a previously unpublished image archive from the artist’s studio, alongside a profile interview with her.

TechBenefits rebrand, by Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends has rebranded employee benefits provider TechBenefits, with a refreshed identity, tone of voice, colour palette and visual language. The new identity features a jumping man icon, based on its previous marque, and a brightly coloured, pared back design. Mr B & Friends has also designed a new website for the company.

Shower Beer, by Snask and Fredrik Tunedal

Swedish consultancy Snask has created and branded a new beer brand from scratch – but the drink is intended for consumption in a shower, not a pub. The consultancy has worked with brewer Fredrik Tunedal to create Shower Beer – a pale ale in a 180 ml bottle, which is meant to be “gulped in […]

Monetise rebrand, by Snask

Swedish consultancy Snask has rebranded small business digital loan service Monetise into Froda, giving it a new, geometric visual identity. Swedish word Froda translates to Thrive, which Fredrik Öst, creative director at Snask, says aimed to help the company sound more like a place that “enables businesses to grow”. “The old name sounded more like a […]

Lady Blanc packaging, by Neosbrand

Neosbrand has designed the packaging for Blanc’s new strawberry flavoured gin, Lady Blanc. The packaging features bright coloured patterns against a backdrop of cerise pink.

Host rebrand, by Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends has rebranded accommodation provider Victoria Hall Management Ltd. as Host. The agency has developed a new brand positioning, name, identity, brand guidelines and website. The new name and logo are designed to reference a functional idea: homes for students.

Alto restaurant interiors, by Tom Dixon Design Research Studio

Tom Dixon Design Research Studio (DRS) has designed the interiors for Alto, a new grill restaurant in Hong Kong. The restaurant is the studio’s first project in Asia, and has used the concept of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – throughout. Fire is conveyed through the use of 230 gold mini […]

Logotype mini, by Michael Evamy and Pentagram

Design journalist Michael Evamy has written a book on typographic logos, intended as a resource for designers and design students alike. Logotype mini includes more than 1,300 visual typographic identities by roughly 250 different design studios from around the world. Consultancies and studios featured include Pentagram, Landor, Wolff Olins, Vignelli Associates, Chermayeff & Geismar and […]

VidStar Festival branding, by Studio Theolin and Tom Collins

Studio Theolin and designer Tom Collins have collaborated to create the visual identity for a new online video festival in Sweden. VidStar Festival is a weekend-long event featuring a closing party, as well lectures, scene appearances and seminars from 30 Swedish YouTube vloggers, including 2chips1cola, Anty and Ebba Lindblad. The brightly coloured identity is born […]

Trump Cushion, by Mr Bingo and Freddy Taylor

Illustrator Mr Bingo and designer Freddy Taylor have teamed up to create the Trump Cushion, a whoopee cushion emblazoned with Donald Trump’s face, that can be inflated so that it’s full of hot air. It’s a charity project and all proceeds from the sale go to “causes that stand to be affected should Donald become […]

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