Thinking Through Drawing: Chris Wilkinson, The British School at Rome

The British School at Rome, Italy has opened at exhibition celebrating architect and founder of WilkinsonEyre, Chris Wilkinson. Thinking Through Drawing explores the importance of sketching to the creative process, bringing together thirty years of Wilkinson’s architectural drawings and sketchbooks. Highlights include initial site studies, early concepts and design development for UK projects such as […]

Lone Wolf branding, by B&B Studio

B&B Studio has designed the branding for a new spirits distillery, created by the same people behind craft brewery chain BrewDog. Spirits brand Lone Wolf will release a range of gin, vodka and whisky made from grain. Shaun Bowen, creative director at Lone Wolf, says the visual identity aims to be “stripped back, raw and […]

The Last Kingdom branding, by Dalziel & Pow

Dalziel & Pow has created the branding and style guide for new BBC historical drama The Last Kingdom. The consultancy worked on pattern, typeface, colour, quotations and icons to represent the series, which is based on the Danes and Saxons at war. Graphics include an old map of Britain divided by a line of flames […]


2001: A Space Odyssey – illustrated edition from the Folio Society

2001: A Space Odyssey has been turned into an illustrated edition based on Stanley Kubrick’s film of the same name and Arthur C. Clarke’s short story ‘The Sentinel’. Joe Wilson has created seven colour illustrations for the book, which envisage the fictional 2001. The book includes a foreword written jointly by Clarke and Kubrick, as well as […]

McAllisters branding, by Pencil Studio

Pencil Studio has created a new identity for estate agent McAllisters. The consultancy says: “After a lot of research into the heritage of the company and scanning through all of their previous material there came a streamline that had only ever been used internally which was ‘Traditional Values with a modern approach’. We saw this […]

A story as sharp as a knife, illustrated by Don Yeomans

Don Yeomans has illustrated the Folio Society’s edition of – A Story as Sharp as a Knife – by Robert Bringhurst, the poet, typographer, translator, cultural historian and linguist.  For more than 1000 years native American people flourished on the islands known as Haida Gwaii, off of the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.  Bringhurst has created his […]

Covert to Overt, by Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant, Jon Furlong

This exhibition documents the travels, installations and artworks of street artist, graphic designer and founder of Obey Giant, Shepard Fairey seen through photographs taken by Jon Furlong. There are 50 never-seen-before photographs covering five years of work by Obey. The exhibition runs from 2-6 December at Houseof Vans, Arches 228-232, Station Approach Road, SE1 8SW

Zeek ice hockey sticks, by Buddy

Buddy has branded a high-end “revolutionary” hockey stick, designed by a Devon-based composite manufacturer, which works in the aerospace, F1 and healthcare industries. The prototype stick with its “puck grip” technology has been designed to compete with Canadian and US made sticks. Buddy wanted the brand to “look the part in the locker room” and […]

Unexpected Opera identity, by Premm Design

Premm Design has rebranded Unexpected Opera, a group specialising in “cabaret opera”. Their shows are described as ‘mash-ups’ presenting opera’s incredible range while exploring a variety of characters and ideas. The consultancy says: “After presenting a number of possible approaches, we agreed on a logo that used emoji-like letterforms. These act as shorthand for laughter, singing […]

Philographics Postcard Book, by Genis Carreras

In 2013 Genis Carreras hit upon the idea of designing symbols and shapes to represent different “isms” such as realism, idealism and nihilism. Before long a successful crowdfunded campaign led to the publication of Philographics – a conflation of the words philosophy and graphics. Now BIS has published a postcard version of the book featuring 20 Philographics […]

IIS identity, by AGoodID

Swedish consultancy AGoodID has created the new identity for IIS, the Internet Foundation in Sweden. The foundation, formerly known as .SE, is responsible for the internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se and promotes the positive development of the internet in Sweden. The new identity features the Swedish flag hidden in the negative space between the two […]


Endless Journey, by Tom Gauld and Brighten The Corners

An artist has created illustrations to depict scenes from a novel using a contemporary version of 19th century art technique myriorama. The technique consists of creating a set of printed cards, which form a seamless scene when laid out in any formation. Artist Tom Gauld was commissioned by The Laurence Sterne Trust to recreate two […]

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