Inspired: Tommy Taylor – Alphabetical

I find change inspiring. I find that change can add refreshing vigour to my mind both creatively and emotionally.

I am inspired by the challenges change has revealed to my career from working at HGV, to freelancing, to recently forming Alphabetical. Change can extract me from my comfort zone and introduce me to the unfamiliar. I recently spent time travelling, and the changes in culture, language and acquaintance I encountered will forever remain an inspiration.

Some changes are significant, others less so – and some I don’t control. I am inspired by the recent change to good weather and the optimism that has washed into the faces of my fellow commuters as a result. I am inspired by the conversation I had on a different route to work last week.

I know that change will expose me to variety, and, in turn, inform me of my likes and dislikes. Making a change and noting that difference is inspiring because it shapes my understanding of myself.

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