Inspired – Zahira Asmal

Age. Old things marked by time, yet still sturdy. Old people and the stories they have to share with us. Old cities steeped in history with their fine networks created, over time, for convenience and communication. Narrow, winding, cobbled streets carrying whispers from past generations and a smörgåsbord of smells. An unhurried reflection of a moment in time can be a revelation.

Ageing takes time, in the sense that it takes time to age, as well as the aged take their time. I find this simple concept fascinating. I am absorbed by this daily as it takes time to arrive here at this point of discovery. And it happens every day. I appreciate it more and more the older I become.

The passing of time and the difference it makes to a thing, to a person and to a circumstance. Taking the time to explore the nature of us as well as the nature of things. Here we build character. Permitting things, people and circumstances to age could make all the difference to a life and, quite possibly, a lifetime. This time and timing is paramount.

Accept age. With age comes knowing and a kind of certainty. From knowledge we gain strength. Here I find inspiration.

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