01 April 2010

Cheryl Giovannoni featured in Stylist magazine

Design’s own stylista

The Tube journey home is never that enthralling after a long day at the office, so I always like a good read to pass the time. When I picked up the latest copy of Stylist (the freebie sister of Shortlist magazine) it was a lovely surprise to see Cheryl Giovannoni, European President of Landor featured […]

Booty bag

Bags of talent

Although street artist Ben Eine is more used to daubing unwanted paint on London’s shop fronts, this week he has been commissioned to create an installation in the window of  trendy designer Anya Hindmarch’s Sloane Street store. Eine is best know for his giant colourful typography, which can been seen around East London. His work […]

Holly Wales

Sketch it big

The work of the commercial artist or illustrator is destined to only ever be seen in its final, complete and signed-off state. ’It exists within a context divorced from us artists,’ says illustrator Holly Wales. ’The work is no longer viewed on its own visual merits, but in relation to a product or story. I […]

Pulp Paper

The right fibre

To make an impact in a world dominated by online media, paper has to trade on its special properties. Anna Richardson considers the latest trends in terms of tactility, colour and texture, as well as the increasing popularity of bespoke stock for global brands

How many ways can you draw an apple

A fair exchange

The very idea of social innovation undermines conventional marketing practice, forcing designers to face up to the challenges of user-generated content and ill-defined briefs. Gina Lovett explores the approaches of three programmes hoping to exploit the power of branding without selling out

Profile: Kibisi

Danish industrial design trio Kibisi aims to create products that are cool enough to be both commercial and ’culturally significant’. Two of the co-founders talk to Anna Richardson about the group’s idea-driven approach


The art versus design debate has presumably been resolved with his appointment – surely in favour of design? – so he should concentrate on communication, the other word in his job title. He should make the Royal College of Art controversial/difficult/challenging, but most of all he should make it matter by opening its doors and […]

Try the distance learning route to design thinking

I wholeheartedly support James Dyson’s comments on the need to support university design students, and David Worthington’s view that ’We need more thinkers’ (News Analysis, DW 18 March). Both might like to know that The Open University has recently launched a course in design thinking, currently being taught to 350 first-year students, making it the […]

The best non-executive? An understanding ex-client

Who would I choose from outside the industry as a non-executive director (Voxpop, DW 11 February)? An ex-head of global procurement – yes, someone from the dark side. Someone like John Gleason (formerly of Procter & Gamble). Someone who has seen it all – the pitches, the trademarked processes, the beauty parades and so on. […]

…And Richard would bring passion to anybody’s party

Who in the design world would I most like to see enter politics? Richard Seymour (pictured). Professional politics really needs individuals with passion, vision, humanity and real achievement. However, we should all be far more engaged with politics; designers have unique and privileged insight into so many issues. Even when expediency is demanded we consider […]

The Conservatives would do well to recruit our Andy…

Given the speculation that James Dyson is being lined up for a role in a future Conservative Government, you asked the question, ’Who in the design world would you most like to see enter politics?’ (Voxpop, DW 25 March). I’d suggest everyone vote for Someone’s most-loved, and rather brilliant, recent intern Andy Allen. He is […]

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