The art versus design debate has presumably been resolved with his appointment – surely in favour of design? – so he should concentrate on communication, the other word in his job title. He should make the Royal College of Art controversial/difficult/challenging, but most of all he should make it matter by opening its doors and shouting about its achievements.

Jeremy Leslie, Director, Mag Culture

Top of the list?
1 – Communication
2 – Communication
3 – Communication
4 – Communication
5 – Communication…
You get the picture… if anyone can do it, Neville Brody can do it, and I wish him the very best of luck.

Greg Quinton, Creative director, The Partners

I think Neville Brody is a great appointment to the post, bringing experience and adventure in equal measure. After a period where the ’communication art’ component has been a focus at the Royal College of Art, I’m sure that taking real-world design concerns back to the top of the agenda, combined with a healthy cross-disciplinary approach, will be high on his list of priorities.

Malcolm Garrett, Royal Designer for Industry and Creative director, Applied Information Group

In spite of his reputation as the enfant terrible of the design world, Neville Brody really knows his stuff. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of design history that will stand him in good stead. As a graphic designer I’ve felt for some time that the Royal College of Art needs to re-establish the relevance of its graphics courses. I hope Brody ensures graphics at the RCA is once more seen as groundbreaking, bold, exciting and engaging. The discipline should stay true to its purpose, keeping communication at its heart and avoiding the pitfalls of becoming too arty and pretentious.

Domenic Lippa, Partner, Pentagram

I think Neville Brody should concentrate on kick-starting a new movement in design – it’s time for another ’shock of the new’ movement. It might well be an aesthetic revolution again, in the way Punk transformed everything from product to fashion. The commercial value will be there for us to benefit from in years to come.

Franco Bonadio, Chief executive, Identica

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