01 October 2009

Together designs the art book Earth

Together has designed the art book Earth, which showcases entrants to this year’s Prix Pictet. Published by teNeues, the cloth-bound volume features work from the 12 photographers who have been


Interbrand has renamed North Devon College as Petroc. What is your favourite renaming project, and why?

Look lively

Beryl is a feisty working class mother, all bubbly exuberance and outrageous outspokenness. Equally exuberant is the drawing in which she is rendered by her creator, award-winning British animator Joanna

Take control of your universe

You can create a brand identity and see it all the way through the process of marketing, but you may need to develop a split personality, says Marksteen Adamson

The joy of search

Our insatiable demand for information has led brands to invest heavily in technology to manage our Web searches, but the consumer can just as easily find what they want through

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