Talking signs by FW Design give Islington park visitors a wind-up

The London Borough of Islington’s public parks are being fitted with a new wayfinding system, created by FW Design, that features wind-up talking signs.

A total of 300 signs will occupy Islington’s 127 green spaces, expanding and updating a pilot scheme created by the consultancy and installed just over a year ago.

Islington Borough Council appointed FW Design in 2007, following a three-way paid creative pitch.

The brief came out of some accessibility audits of our parks, which found that the main issue was that they’re not signed clearly enough,’ says Islington Council green space projects officer Poonam Thapa.

‘We needed to inform people about what facilities are available in each park, and about the history and wildlife of each green space. This allows the community to relate to the borough better and fosters local pride,’ she adds.

The talking devices, which are powered by a wind-up mechanism, will be installed in six signs, allowing pre-school age children and visually impaired people to listen to the sign’s information. ‘This element will be piloted to see how much people use it and how robust it is’, says FW Design new business manager Angus Tilbury.

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