The Cauldron earns credits with Debt Counsel revamp

The Cauldron has designed an identity and online presence for The Debt Counsel, a service that provides independent advice to people with debt problems.

Appointed in June, the consultancy was asked to look at branding the start-up group across all touchpoints.

‘The Debt Counsel gives accreditation to trusted debt-management companies,’ says Kalvin Cauldwell, managing director at The Cauldron. ‘We had to help it bring that proposition to market.’

Greys, greens and navy blues have been used to ‘inspire confidence’, Cauldwell says, and the visual elements are accompanied by the strapline ‘Credit where credit’s due’.

The brand is being pitched at the mid-market to create a broad appeal, Cauldwell says. ‘A lot of the businesses that are guilty of malpractice advertise in the red tops, so we need to sit above that but appeal to the same market.

‘We have used some of the visual language of trusted financial companies – like simple design principles and a hierarchy of messaging. If there’s one message we need to get across in the work, it’s “use Debt Counsel-recommended companies”,’ adds Cauldwell.

The new look and feel will begin to roll out next month, when an ad campaign and website launch.

Last month the Ministry of Justice closed 100 fraudulent claims companies.

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