GP Studio/Design House team bag Aftershock revamp work

GP Studio and Design House, which recently announced a collaboration (DW 4 June), have been appointed to their first contract together, to work on store environments and branding for women’s fashion retailer Aftershock.

Branding specialist Design House is set to move in August from its home in Richmond, Surrey, to share office space with multidisciplinary branding and retail consultancy GP Studio in central London.

The consultancies have now been jointly appointed to evolve the branding and expand the retail presence of Aftershock, which has around 50 own-brand and franchise stores internationally.
The two groups were appointed directly to the contract last week, after being in discussion with Aftershock for around three months.

Gregor Jackson, managing director of GP Studio, says, ‘Aftershock started in wholesale, then moved into retail and then into franchising, so we need to look at how to move the brand forward and make it more grown-up.’

‘This is a direct result of the collaboration between GP Studio and Design House, where the offer can encompass the entire needs of a brand in a distinct manner.’
Jackson says he hopes the work will lead to an ongoing relationship with Aftershock, to deal with the retailer’s brand positioning.

The new interiors will be launched at Aftershock’s boutique store in South Molton Street in London this autumn, before being developed to form the template for the firm’s international franchise expansion and rolling out internationally.

Jackson says that the consultancies will then look at developing the identity for the retailer.

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