Stephen Bayley’s latest book Woman as Design attempts to answer the hypothetical question, ‘If woman had been designed, what was the brief?’ If men had been designed, what do you think the brief would have been?

Here in Womanworld, we need to create a differentiated basic product that fits into the brand architecture – for the purposes of this brief, maybe a cut-down version of Woman might work to reflect the more simple product features, but think about a brand extension. This product must have in-built strength and endurance to be able to do the womanual labour we dislike so much, but we can value-engineer the high pain threshold and lack of understanding feature. It’s a short week, so let’s keep to budget and get it done in a couple of days.
Jonathan Hubbard, Creative director, Interbrand

Design brief for a man – Mental capacity: agile intellect, grounded intelligence, humour and a smattering of irony. Implicit functions: compelling conversation and stimulating company on all levels. Bodywork: physically lean with good hands. Internal mechanics: warm kind heart. Bonus design feature: enough blood to ensure simultaneous operation of brain and balls.
Giovanna Forte, Managing director, Funnelly Enough

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