03rd September 2009

The mother of all awards

Winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Overseas is the culmination of a long process. Raj Wilkinson looks back over his consultancy’s path to success


Design Bridge’s new safer pint glass will hopefully make going to the pub a safer and more pleasurable experience. What’s your favourite pub, and why?

The Geography of Creativity

Map of UK creative sector could inform Government policy

It comes as no surprise to hear that London and its surrounding counties are the UK’s creative epicentre. But a new mapping experiment – published last week by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts – also reveals which types of creative business cluster together and where. Nesta hopes that this fine-grained information […]

Brandopus redesigns the Clover brand

Brandopus has redesigned the Clover brand for client Dairy Crest. The design aims to elevate the distinctive nature of the clover symbol, giving it a more intrinsic role within the identity. The consultancy has worked with Dairy Crest for around 18 months, and has also redesigned its Country Life butter. The new Clover brand will […]

The big tease

When Russ Meyer made his ‘nudie-cutie’ picture The Immoral Mr Teas in 1959, he probably didn’t expect that it would be recognised as the start of a whole new film genre – sexploitation – or that its 50th anniversary would be celebrated at a prestigious national film theatre. But the BFI Southbank’s new season merely […]

Capital haunts

Do you know, I think this is just about the best tenner’s worth available in design right now. Max Fraser’s London Design Guide is detailed, catholic in its tastes, properly designed in itself, well written, undoubtedly a labour of love…. shall I go on?

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