If they ditch the chuggers, any charity will do…

Following the news of Hat-Trick Design’s new identity for breast cancer charity Breakthrough, you asked the question, ‘Which charity would you like to rebrand, and why?’ (Voxpop, DW 20 August).

That’s a tough one. As designers’ choices tend to gravitate towards those established charities which already have a strong brand in place, I’d struggle to look beyond charities like Macmillan Cancer Support.

If I were instead asked to outline the ideal characteristics of the charity, it would have to be one with a unique voice, unquestionable integrity and a willingness to embrace creativity with gusto.

And also one which found unpalatable the prospect of chuggers (charity muggers, for those fortunate enough not to have encountered them) endlessly side-stepping among busy commuters like NFL line-backers, trying to break into your idle, semi-conscious state of daydreaming by waving clip-boards in your face, like imbeciles.
Rich Smalley, Senior designer, Reform Creative, by e-mail

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