More consistency would make Cabe’s reviews even better

One area that we feel Paul Finch should focus on at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment would be the ‘design review’ process (Voxpop, DW 27 August).

The purpose of these reviews is to improve the design quality of schemes at,or prior to, planning. Land Securities is supportive of these reviews and believes that there is real benefit in having a fresh, expert pair of eyes review and critique design proposals at a stage when amendments can be introduced.

However, we feel the process could be re-engineered so that the reviews are carried out in a more consistent manner, and so that they are open, collaborative (with greater engagement) and objective.

This is not a criticism from our experiences, but based on an appreciation of what could be achieved and what benefit could be added with some amendments to the existing process and approach.
Derek Baillie, Projects management director – feasibility studies, Land Securities, by e-mail

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