We need the odd pointer to continue to aim high

What an inspiring insight into reshaping your mindset (‘Stepping up to the next level’, Business Insight, DW 13 August).

At our office we strive ‘to be who we can be’ and excel across all levels of our operation.

In doing so, we are often disappointed by a percentage of potential clients who do not share the same standards – both in the manner in which they conduct themselves and in the influence they expect to exert as they drive down the quality of the final work.

For those reasons they do not become our clients, because, as Rod Petrie says, ‘you have to try to picture the future you really want’, be persistent and continue to aim high.

I believe it’s ultimately not about doing things better, it’s about doing better things. Petrie’s article is also a timely reminder of the importance of embracing change and continually striving to be amazing.

Coincidently, in our studio I have a 3mx2m print of Buzz Aldrin standing on the lunar surface, with the immortal words ‘we choose to go to the moon’. It is a reminder of what we at R-Co are in business for.

Thank you for a great, and reassuring, Business Insight.
Richard Henderson, Chief executive and creative director, R-Co Brand Identity, Melbourne, Australia

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