Bunch London brands host venues for Red Bull Music Academy

Bunch London is branding a series of venues across London for the Red Bull Music Academy, which will see the consultancy team up with illustrators including James Joyce, Andrew Kasay and Sam Green.

The Royal Albert Hall, the Roundhouse and the Southbank Centre will be among locations earmarked for artist-specific branding which will marry venue and performer across promotional material, websites and ‘gig environment’.

Thirty concerts are to take place throughout February and March under the Red Bull Music Academy banner, which will see events based around different cultural themes.

Culture Clash will celebrate Notting Hill Carnival and bring together artists including Soul II Soul and Trojan Soundsystem at the Roundhouse.

Jo Kotas, managing director of Bunch London, says posters inspired by vintage boxing promotion are to be hung inside the Roundhouse. She says, ‘Four stages will be set up with huge posters, naming each of the performers in an old-school boxing style.’

Using the circular shape of the venue, a record-shaped theme may also be explored, incorporating lighting design.

On promotional artwork, the consultancy has worked with illustrator Kasay for a series of events at the ICA (pictured), Adam J Evans for Culture Clash at the Roundhouse, and Green on 3D Soundclash at the Royal Albert Hall.

The consultancy has created an identity to represent this year’s event – Red Bull Music Academy London 2010 – but has been tasked with giving each event ‘a very different feel’, according to Kotas. The main identity depicts concentric rings on vinyl.

‘It’s less about an overall brand, more about developing a piece of creative for each venue, but still maintaining the consistency of the [main] logo,’ Kotas adds.

Images of analogue mixing desks have been transposed on to an outline of the overarching event identity, and will be hung in Plan B and ICA venues.

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