Duttons revamps mailshots for Green power group Ecotricity

Duttons has redesigned the customer communications for Green electricity supplier Ecotricity.

Ecotricity invests in Green sources of power such as wind energy. Its clients include Lush and the Co-operative Bank.

Bristol-based Duttons was appointed last year following a four-way pitch to review the brand’s communications in a changing market.

Felicity Kelly, managing director of Duttons, says, ‘The company was previously positioned as quite “carbonista” and rebellious, and very much a niche brand. We needed to widen it out and make it much less niche and more mainstream while retaining credibility.’ David Oliver, head of marketing for Ecotricity, says, ‘As awareness of Ecotricity grows and mainstream households become more concerned about climate change, we want to ensure that our communications are answering the needs of a broad market.’

Duttons has created a range of customer-acquisition material for Ecotricity, which is rolling out in the coming weeks. Kelly says, ‘The aim was to broaden appeal, simplify and streamline marketing communications and the “on-boarding” process to achieve clarity and consistency.’

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