Kin Design unveils hanging sculpture for MA showcase

Kin Design will unveil a hanging sculpture consisting of three touchscreens and 100 digital picture frames to showcase the portfolios of MA students at the London College of Fashion’s exhibition show.

The installation, which has a private view tomorrow, will use 107cm touchscreens to present individual portfolios on demand.

Other portfolio data will be generated at random as a slide-show across the picture frames, which will be sculpted into a structure comprising hanging panels of stainless steel.

‘The steel panels will hang in a grid and reveal an engraved star-shaped college logo,’ says Kin Design partner Kevin Palmer. One of the arms of the star will be completed by a digital picture frame.

A second, larger, installation has been commissioned which will see the consultancy make a hanging sculpture to showcase BA portfolios in June.

Both projects are being produced by Paul Albert and built by Will Cruikshank. They have been secured on the strength of a commission for the University of the Arts London’s UCAS Prospectus show, held in November 2009, which saw the consultancy present ‘a day in the life of students’.

The UCAS project saw six films made, showing students’ daily journeys, taken though 20 000 still photographs drawn together, ‘almost like stop-frame animation’, Palmer says.

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