Strategic planning? Creativity? Top of the list is integration

Strategic planning does not corral creativity, as suggested by the recent article by Brian Mansfield (Business Insight, DW 21 January).

It gives designers the freedom to create differentiated and engaging creative ideas. It does not exist in isolation, passing its conclusions to creatives as a fait accompli. Our creative directors and brand strategists work together and our creatives have valuable input into the strategy.
Strategic planning has creativity at its heart, creating a clear proposition and positioning that brings the brand and the brief to life, which is why our creatives are intimately involved in the process.

Creatives should be exposed to clients, but we value our client services people because they enable our creatives to spend more time being creative. Integration is vital, with designers, strategic planning and client services working together seamlessly. Achieve that and you get great creative work, happy clients and a healthy balance sheet.

Roger Hart, Managing director, Blue Marlin UK, London W14

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