In search of old marques

Reviving dormant trademarks can make good financial sense – as long as there aren’t any controversial connotations. Tom Banks investigates


Airside is creating two animated information films for Moblin – a computer operating system – which it has been appointed to make on the strength of information films for Fiat Eco Drive and Nokia Vine. The first film will be aimed at developers, and the second at manufacturers of notebooks and the wider public.

Sámi Museum

James Irvine, Konstantin Grcic and Naoto Fukasawa (whose knife is pictured) are among 22 designers from around the world who have created versions of the Sámi knife for an exhibition in the Sámi Museum in Inari, Finland. The exhibition runs until 20 September.


Liverpool-based consultancy Nonconform has designed a brochure for the 2009/2010 season for chamber orchestra Manchester Camerata, which uses images by Nonconform’sSophie Backhouse – a graffiti artist also known as Luna. The images are based on words which express the season’s themes.

Design House and GP Studio to share office space

Richmond-based branding specialist Design House is moving to central London to share office space with multidisciplinary branding and design consultancy GP Studio. The consultancies will work together on a number of projects as part of the move. Lavinia Culverhouse, managing director of Design House, says, ‘We took the decision to start working together under one […]

Architect Barr Gazetas

Architect Barr Gazetas has designed a new interior to be rolled out across Regus’ international business centres, following its appointment after a threeway pitch. Flagship sites, including Burton Street, London, are being redesigned as ‘destination business hubs’. The new interiors will feature reglazed windows with LED lights around window bays, and extensive use of walnut […]

Leadership is key to fitter design businesses

There’s much talk of leadership in design. Last week Landor Associates’ European president Cheryl Giovannoni made the case for a more empathetic leadership style in the face of recession (Business Insight, DW 28 May). Meanwhile, participants in an industry debate at London’s Ivy restaurant last week reinforced the need for greater transparency. These thoughts are […]

News in pictures

Devilfish has created a pop promo for UK Sony/Columbia artist Julian Perretta. The video features augmented reality technology, which allows computer graphics to be blended with live footage in real time.

News in pictures

Geoff Manaugh, creator of the Bldgblog Book, has collected his insights in a new publication, designed by US group MacFadden & Thorpe and illustrated by Brendan Callahan of Semigood Design and Joe Alterio. The Bldgblog Book is published in July by Chronicle Books, priced £16.99.

Missing the point

Measuring effectiveness is all well and good, but an over-dependence on statistics risks missing that vital ingredient – creativity – says Adrian Shaughnessy

Inspired, Viv Wilcock – The Team

Picture the scene: you’re on your 15th car bodyfiller package redesign, then, in a moment of inspiration, you go and put a lion on one, a leaping lion. Brilliant. That will change the face of bodyfiller packaging forever, thinks you, and it does. The next day you’re moved off bodyfiller to work on a bed […]

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