Inspired – Nikki Nechvoglod

That ‘scared feeling’. There’s a lot to be said for fear. The gut feeling when you’re doing something new and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone – you’re terrified of failing, but you know you might succeed.

Don’t get me wrong. Contentment and satisfaction are comforting, but they’re nothing compared to the motivation and inspiration that come with utter panic.

I’ve felt it when I snowboarded down a near-vertical mountain in Canada, when I arrived at London Heathrow airport from Australia without a job or a home to go to, and when I snorkelled with sharks. I felt it when I first presented my consultancy’s work to clients, wrote a copy line that made the client laugh, or came up with a concept that I knew was good.

I felt it recently when I pitched for and was accepted into the D&AD Design Workshops. Each week of the course, the fear of failure was a constant companion, but it ultimately inspired me to do some of my best work.

Even if you fail, it’s in the process of trying new things that you learn the most.

There is a common belief that fear is the enemy of progression. Far from it. Fear is its best friend.

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