Ray is already bringing sunshine to his new role

I am writing to follow up the letter titled ‘So long, Ray, you’ll be a very hard act to follow’, sent in by Gareth Roberts of Bulletproof Design (Letters, DW 8 October).
Ray Gregory, as Roberts says, has influenced many of today’s leading design talents and, although he’ll be sorely missed in his previous role as graphic design tutor at Norwich School of Art and Design, he hasn’t gone forever.

In fact, at the time of this letter being published, he was settling in to his new role as creative director here at The Click Design Consultants. He jokingly asked if I had seen his obituary, as he handed me the studio copy of Design Week.

He has already got his teeth into three new corporate identity projects since his arrival at the start of October. He is working with, and overseeing, our design studio, primarily consisting of his ex-students. I can proudly say that I am also an ex-student of his, and am honoured to be working with him again, albeit in a slightly different context.
Bobby Burrage, Executive creative director, The Click Design Consultants, by e-mail

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